Chapter 2 - Where It Is Going

RIAVT: Modern Tech Systems Chapter 2 – Where It Is Going

Soon after the graduation event was over, Aron walked back to his room to get all of his things. After being expelled from the school, he had to leave the school grounds within a week.

They told him he couldn’t change their minds even though he begged them to. They said they had strong evidence against him.

He shouldn’t waste their time, they told him. Instead, he should start getting ready to leave school before they got there.

Aron lost most of his friends when the case against him was made, so he had to leave college by himself.

He didn’t realize that no one was there to greet him. He was sad and angry at the same time.

His other two friends also couldn’t say goodbye because they had to go to a meeting for graduates that they had to go to.

He lost touch with his other friends after they heard the news about his plans for Chapter 3 – Where It Is Going, which was already pretty strange.

When Aron got home, his parents were waiting for him. They were eager to hear the whole story from him, with all the details, since they had only heard a short version of it.

When Rose and Michael saw the look on their son’s face, they knew it would take a long time to listen to the whole story.

Aron carefully and in great detail told his parents what had happened. He did this while tears were running down his face the whole time.

He also said that the college kept him from finishing and then kicked him out for something he didn’t do.

His parents were very interested in the story, even though they had heard a short version of it before. They were shocked as he told it. They couldn’t understand how their son could have been treated so unfairly.

After hearing his whole story, they looked at each other and asked, “So what do you plan to do now?”

Michael asked with concern, even though they were sad and angry about their son. Aron sighed and answered, “Honestly, I don’t know where to start.

They won’t let me have another fight at school, so the only thing I can do besides sue them is get a job. I know we can’t really afford to go to court.

It made Michael and Rose feel bad when they heard this, but they couldn’t fight with him because it was mostly true.

He wasn’t trying to make them feel bad, though. He was just telling them that he couldn’t fight this unfairness because they didn’t have any money.

“I guess I’ll have to start looking for a part-time job since I don’t have a diploma and most jobs in my field need one,” Aron said. He looked like he had already given up on the idea of going back to school.

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